The Old Adage Reality

20 Nov

Today I was inspired or more aptly put irritated to the point of blog-age.  So here begins musings about a subject that I doubt there is any possibility of actually understanding: men but more often boys. I have been told for years that I will find someone the moment I stop looking. “Things happen when you least expect it.” blah blah blah blah.Here is the thing. I haven’t looked or expected anything for years. I don’t look because who in their right mind would wade through such nonsense? I don’t expect because I am a reality based kind of gal and expectations or ludicrous set ups for disappointment and more disturbingly disenchantment. So what brings me here today you may or may not be asking? The answer is not really that simple.I have been pseudo-dating this guy for 6 months. If you live in the current dating situation that is the 21st century US of A you realize that means all kinds of things, but it always always means that someone doesn’t want to commit, seal the deal, or (gasp) DTR (define the relationship). We met a mutual friends gathering and got along enough to keep in touch and plan trips to see one another.

Problem number 1: long distance from the get go. He, however, came with glowing reviews from my very good girlfriend and pretty much everyone else. It was perfect, I was definitely not looking or expecting anything at all from anyone. This was how it was supposed to happen. Cue music and listen to it swell as a series of excellently executed romantic dates followed.Staying on task, the gaps are too absurd not to fill in at a later date, he we are 6 months later still 1000 miles apart mostly texting. 

Problem number 2: He changed one day. No explanation. And I am definitely not your typical over analyzing chick (in this specific moment). It went from 100 texts a day and phone calls to silence except once a week maybe.

Problem number 3: I let him return without explanation.

Problem number 4: ME. That’s right I said it. I let the behavior continue albeit with very very creative excuses, however. This is my fault as are some of the up and coming posts I am sure.

So alas we have the straw that broke the camels back and created



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